emlyon business school‘s new emblematic teaching and learning site in the heart of the Lyon metropolitan area.

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Expanding the platform by which to expand emlyon business school’s global community of early makers, in Lyon

In anticipation of its 150th anniversary, emlyon business school wanted to design a place of education worthy of its history and its influence. The coming decades will be devoted to rising to meet ongoing technological and societal changes, and continuously adapting to the uncertain changes that are taking place. The early maker hub is not a « campus » but an accessible and open place, in the heart of the city and connected to the world. The neighbourhood, the city, the metropolitan area, the region, Europe, and indeed, the world will be the « campus » of the learners and companies of tomorrow.

As the Artificial Intelligence Revolution dawns, we are placing exchange, sharing, human contact and relations at the heart of knowledge transmission and the acquisition of skills.

This will be a base from which to expand our global community of early makers. The Hub has been designed as an educational ‘third-place’ to stimulate interaction between the actors attending it. The « beating heart » of the international emlyon business school network, this platform will be a fluid space for interaction and experience; a constantly evolving place for learners, companies and experts to meet and enjoy learning from each other, to form temporary collectives to work together on projects, and to share their experiences and knowledge with the general public.


In the heart of the Lyon Metropolitan area

The early makers hub will be built on 2.4 hectares of land, acquired from the Metropole de Lyon, the main contributor involved in the urban transformation of Gerland in Lyon’s 7th district.

Alongside emlyon business school, the reconversion of the site also includes the construction of a college and a gymnasium. This implantation is fully integrated into the urban regeneration of this former industrial district located in the center of Lyon, committed for many years by transforming mutable land opportunities into new sites with high added value.

The design and construction of this new 30,000 sq. m site was won by a multi-disciplinary consortium led by Altarea Cogedim as a real estate developer, PCA-STREAM as a proxy architect and Insolites Architectures for the realisation.

The Gerland territory in figures






The architectural project

Open to the city and to companies

Breaking down the barriers to the outside world, and breaking with a mainstream, traditional campus design, the new emlyon business school site is a vibrant, flexible hybrid hub, fuelled by ongoing interactions with its stakeholders.

« Our architectural choice was inspired by the early makers mindset: we analysed emlyon business school’s pedagogical project and understood that the needs and spaces defined by the school boiled down to two key desires: maximum flexibility enabling a rich and full life. »


Key figures

sq. m surface area

sq. m of educational spaces

sq. m of collaborative and experiential spaces

people connected to the early makers hub in 2023

million euros invested by major regional and national banks

Work start date

Opening of the early makers hub

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